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Planning Your Day

Prepare For Tandem Skydiving

The Play By Play

Not Just Along For the Ride

Blond female tandem skydiving students gives a peace sign while in freefall
Female tandem student screams during freefall above Boston Skydive Center
Female tandem skydiving students smiles as she floats above Boston Skydive Center in Rhode Island

T Minus 1 Day

Take Care

Eat normally; drink water; get sleep. You want to wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to seize the day!

Stay Sober

Skydiving hungover is awful and, per FAA rules, you can’t skydive if you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Pack Up

Grab your ID (and student/military ID if applicable), the card you paid with, snacks and water, and a sweatshirt.

Do Your Reading …

Complete the waiver and safety briefing documents you received with your confirmation email and waiver email.

… And Your Math

No SCUBA within 24 hours of jumping – SCUBA diving before skydiving may lead to decompression sickness.

Be Prepared

Remember, we are at the mercy of the weather gods. Pack your patience and good vibes.
Male skydiving student in blue shirt smiles during freefall over Boston Skydive Center
Tandem skydiving student and instructor land under a colorful canopy at Boston Skydive Center in Rhode Island

Jump Day

  • Fuel Up

  • Hydrate

  • Wear

  • Go!

  • Go Again

Get Video & Photos!

Male skydiving student in white t-shirt smiles while under canopy above Boston Skydive Center near Massachusetts

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