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Frequently Asked Questions

Skydiving FAQs

Get In The Know!

General Information

Where is Boston Skydive Center?

When are you open?

Do I need a reservation?

When should I arrive at the dropzone?

How long should I plan to spend at the dropzone?

Can I bring friends and family to watch me jump?

Can I bring a group?

Will our group jump together?

Can I make a tandem skydive with a disability?


Is there a minimum age for tandem skydiving?

Is there a tandem skydiving weight restriction?

Are there physical requirements for tandem skydiving?

Who cannot make a tandem skydive?

Pricing & Policies

How much does tandem skydiving cost?

Do you offer a student discount?

Do you offer a military discount?

Do I have to make a deposit?

Is there a service fee?

What forms of payment are accepted?

Can I reschedule or cancel my jump?

What is your refund policy?

What if I decide not to jump?

What is your inclement weather policy?

Should I tip my tandem instructor?

Gift Certificate Questions

Do you offer gift certificates?

Does my gift recipient need to make a reservation?

Can I purchase a gift certificate in any amount?

When do gift certificates expire?

What is your refund policy?

Video & Photo Services Info

Should I get video and photos of my skydive?

What will my skydiving video look like?

Can I take my own skydiving video?

Can my friends share my skydiving package?

Jump Day Details

What should I wear skydiving?

What should I not wear skydiving?

Can I wear my glasses or contacts?

What should I bring with me to the DZ?

Should I eat before my skydive?

Can I drink before my skydive?

Are there places to eat, drink, and pick up provisions near the dropzone?

General Skydiving Questions

How fast is freefall?

What does freefall feel like?

Can you breathe in freefall?

What if I’m afraid of heights?

How hard does the parachute open?

What’s the landing like?

How long does a skydive last?

Skydiving Safety

Is tandem skydiving safe?

What is the USPA?

What are my tandem instructor’s credentials?

How many parachutes will I jump with?

Who packs the parachutes?

What’s an AAD?

Still Have Questions?

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