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Skydiving Experiences for Groups

Unforgettable Team Building Activities with Boston Skydive Center

The Benefits of Group Activities for Team Building

Why Skydiving is the Ultimate Team Building Activity

Skydiving Birthday Party

Why Choose Boston Skydive Center?

Our Commitment to Safety

Skydiving Birthday Party

Success Stories and Testimonials

"I took my son skydiving at Boston Skydive Center for his 28th birthday. We had a blast, jumping from 10,000 feet, free-falling, then floating under the chute to the ground. Julio, my instructor, and Eric, my son's, were extraverted, humorous, attentive to detail, and focused on safety. Better than the skydive itself was my son telling it was his best birthday present eve. I'll take the jump and the compliment to the bank!" 

- Greg

"Took my boys Skydiving after they graduated high school!! What a Memorable Experience!! Boris, Eric and Julio were absolutely fantastic!! Extremely Professional, I highly recommend this facility for your first skydive experience and be sure to purchase the video, it is well worth it!!!! Will be back again soon!!!! Thank You Guys." 

- Anthony

"Went as a part of an university-organized outing for the upcoming graduation. Definitely the right choice of event. Would do again. Shoutout to my tandem instructor Ricardo for being super friendly and making sure I didn't die ^^ Also big thanks to the staff for helping me through some residual motion sickness afterwards. 

- Siyi

FAQs: Everything You Need to Know About Skydiving

Can we customize our skydiving experience for a special occasion?

Do you offer photography or video packages for group jumps?

Do you offer skydiving wedding proposals?

Do you offer any group discounts?

Do you offer a student discount?

Can we book a private event for our group?

Is there a viewing area for friends and family who aren’t jumping?

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