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Skydive Your Way to Unforgettable College Milestones


Boston Skydive Center Posted by: Boston Skydive Center 1 month ago

College life is a journey filled with milestones and memories, from the thrill of the first day to the pride of graduation. While there are countless ways to celebrate these moments, why not choose an experience as unforgettable as the milestone itself? Skydiving offers an exhilarating adventure that transforms ordinary college events into extraordinary memories. At Boston Skydive Center, we specialize in making your college milestones unforgettable with the thrill of freefall.

Celebrate College Milestones

Unforgettable College Activities and Events

College is not just about academics; it’s about experiences that last a lifetime. College activities and events play a significant role in creating these memories and skydiving presents a unique opportunity to elevate these events into something truly unforgettable. Imagine marking the start of your college journey or celebrating a major achievement by soaring above the clouds. Skydiving with Boston Skydive Center offers an adventurous twist to your college story, ensuring it’s one you’ll share for years to come.

Celebrating Academic and Social Milestones

From the excitement of starting a new club to the achievement of graduating, college milestones are diverse. While there are many event ideas and fun activities for college students, none compare to the thrill of skydiving. Whether you’re celebrating fraternity or sorority milestones, fundraising for a college club, or simply looking for a unique way to bond with your peers, skydiving adds an exhilarating chapter to your college experience.

Skydiving for College Fundraising and Team Building

Skydiving is not only a personal thrill; it’s an innovative way to fundraise and build team spirit. Organizing a skydive for your non-profit or club can attract attention and support, making it a compelling choice among the different club activities ideas you can choose from. The shared experience of skydiving also fosters a strong sense of camaraderie and trust among team members, essential qualities for any successful club or organization. If you are considering skydiving for charity, please be sure to contact us with any questions, or read more about our fundraising process.

Safety at Boston Skydive Center

Boston Skydive Center places the utmost importance on safety, making us the trusted choice for colleges seeking unforgettable yet secure events for their students. Here’s why institutions can confidently partner with us:

Expert Instructors

Boston Skydive Center’s tandem skydiving instructors are highly experienced, trained, and credentialed skydiving professionals. The road to earning your tandem instructor rating is long. Candidates must:

  • Earn their USPA D license (after earning A, B, and C licensure)
  • Log at least 500 jumps (our instructors have way more than 500)
  • Accrue a minimum of 3 years in the sport
  • Possess a current FAA Class III Flight Medical Certificate
  • Obtain a certification from the manufacturer of the equipment we use
  • Complete Tandem Instructor training course

Strict Safety Protocols

We adhere to rigorous safety standards, from equipment maintenance to pre-jump inspections and complying with all industry norms. To mitigate the inherent risk of jumping out of an airplane, we take meticulous care of our aircraft and equipment, invest in best-in-class gear, engage USPA-rated tandem skydiving instructors, and maintain strict compliance with safety protocols.

Focused Training

Every participant receives comprehensive training, covering jump procedures and safety techniques, to prepare them for their experience. Within a couple of hours, you can take the idea of skydiving and make it into a real experience!

Open Communication

Our commitment to safety is matched by our track record of positive experiences, earning us the trust of educational institutions. Choose Boston Skydive Center for a thrilling, yet secure, adventure that students will cherish. We closely monitor the weather in the 24 or so hours before and leading up to your jump and communicate any changes that need to be made based on weather conditions.

Planning Your Skydiving Event with Boston Skydive Center

Planning your skydiving event is easier than you think. At Boston Skydive Center, we guide you through every step, from initial inquiry to your triumphant landing. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your skydiving experience is safe, enjoyable, and perfectly suited to your event’s needs. Whether you’re looking for college club event ideas or to host your college graduation party with us, skydiving provides a thrilling backdrop to any college celebration.

Step 1: Initial Inquiry and Consultation

Reach out to us through our contact form or give us a call at (508) 759-3483. Provide basic details about your event, such as the preferred date, number of jumpers, and any special occasions you’re celebrating. Our team will contact you for a consultation to discuss your event in detail. We’ll cover everything to ensure your experience meets your expectations.

Step 2: Event Customization and Booking

Based on the consultation, we’ll tailor the skydiving experience to fit your group’s needs, including grouping preferences, jump times, and any additional services such as photography or videography. We offer students a $25 discount on our Video/Photo packages. We really want you to be able to share this experience with friends! Once the details are finalized, we’ll set your event date and provide you with a booking confirmation. A deposit will be required to secure your spot.

Step 3: Preparation and Safety Briefing

Before the event, participants will receive information on how to prepare for their jump, including attire recommendations and health guidelines. On the day of the event, everyone will participate in a comprehensive safety briefing led by our certified instructors. This session includes training on jump procedures, safety gear, and what to expect during the jump.

Step 4: The Big Day

Complete your waiver ahead of time to help expedite your check in procress. Plan to spend up to half of the day with us! Planning your skydiving event with Boston Skydive Center can be an effortless and exciting journey, from the initial idea, to the moment you touch the ground, exhilarated and ready to jump again.

Learn More About Celebrating an Event at Boston Skydive Center

MIT Class of 2023 Celebrated Their Graduation Skydiving at Boston Skydive Center

Choosing Boston Skydive Center means opting for an experience that’s not just about skydiving—it’s about creating memories that last a lifetime. Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated not only through our experienced instructors, top-tier equipment, and focus on safety but also through the unforgettable experiences we’ve curated for groups just like yours.

In May of 2023, over 200 MIT students chose to celebrate their graduation by taking to the skies with us for a Senior Week Event. The event was not just a skydiving jump; it was a celebration of their achievements, friendships, and the unforgettable journey they had embarked on together. The students’ exhilaration was palpable, their joy infectious, and their sense of accomplishment unmatched. Their day with us at Boston Skydive Center was more than they had hoped for, and the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received was a testament to their extraordinary experience.

“Went as a part of a university-organized outing for the upcoming graduation. Definitely the right choice of event. Would do again. Shoutout to my tandem instructor Ricardo for being super friendly and making sure I didn’t die ^^ Also big thanks to the staff for helping me through some residual motion sickness afterwards.”

Siyi Lin (Kristy)

“First time skydiving and Boston skydive center was an amazing choice. My instructor Eric and the entire staff were kind, friendly, and efficient. Would come again!”

Mindy Long

With stunning views and a sky that seems to stretch on forever, Boston Skydive Center offers more than just a jump—it offers an adventure. Whether you’re commemorating a club achievement, a graduation, or any significant milestone, we’re here to ensure it’s celebrated in the most exhilarating way possible.

Start Planning Your Skydiving Event Today

Skydiving is more than just an activity; it’s an unforgettable way to celebrate the significant moments that define your college experience. At Boston Skydive Center, we’re dedicated to making each milestone memorable with the thrill of the jump. Whether you’re fundraising, building team spirit, or simply seeking an extraordinary way to mark a special occasion, skydiving is the ultimate celebration. Reach out to us today to start planning!