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What To Do With Your (Long) Hair For Skydiving


Shaylin Bruder Posted by: Shaylin Bruder 5 months ago

If you have long hair, let’s talk about how to do your ‘do for your tandem skydiving experience.

Yes, it might seem trivial, but neglecting your hair can turn into a tangled, knotty nightmare at 120 mph. Not only does putting up your hair save you post-jump detangling, but it also keeps your hair out of your eyes and your skydiving instructor’s face (trust us, they’ll thank you!).

Hair Styles for Skydiving


Braids work great if you are going to be jumping with us at Boston Skydive Center. They keep your strands under optimal control, look amazing in aerial photos, and prevent those pesky flyaways from blinding you mid-jump. Consider French braids, Dutch braids, or even cornrows for longer hair, and secure them close to your scalp with sturdy pins and clips. We especially love to see students who manage long bangs with braids. (That strategy not only keeps your hair out of your eyes, even in freefall – it looks great in photos!).


We’ll be honest, here: most buns have a tendency to fall out when you’re rocketing through the atmosphere. If you are going to rock a bun, make sure it’s a thoughtfully constructed bun that is secure to your head through braids, bobby pins, clips, or hairspray.


We see a lot of ponytails in our line of work, and most of them end up becoming a tangled mess That said, there are plenty of ways to tame that wild pony. One strategy: Get extra reinforcements into the action. Double or triple elastic bands, braid the ponytail itself, or try incorporating accessories like hair ties with built-in grips.


Feel like you need a little extra “hair insurance”? Many skydiving pros swear by the double-layer approach: wear a buff or a skullcap under your helmet. These essentially strike spectacular tangles from the list of skydiving risks, and it’s easy to carry one along with you to the dropzone. Tandem Students don’t wear hard helmets, but leather hats are available upon request.

Ready for Takeoff? Own Your Skydiving Style!

You’ll notice the running theme here is control. The general idea is to get as much of your hair secured as closely to your scalp as possible. Since you’ll be moving through the air at 120mph, you can still rest assured you’ll be landing with a wind-blown aura about you. Now, armed with these hair hacks and your boundless sense of adventure, you’re ready to soar through the sky with confidence. So grab your friends, pick your perfect hairstyle, and prepare to experience the adrenaline rush of a lifetime!

Feel prepared now? Ready to experience the adventure of a lifetime? Book your reservation with the Boston Skydive Center today! If you have any additional questions about the topic, also feel free to contact us! We are always here to help!