Finalize Your Reservation

Please read. Very important !

Thank you for making a reservation with Boston Skydive Center. We know that your experience with us will be very memorable. Boston Skydive Center is a very safe and efficient skydiving center and do require that our clients understand certain policies. The person making the reservation is responsible to make sure everyone in your group understands everything on this page.

Arrival time:

BSC requires that you and everyone in your group show up at least 30 minutes prior to your schedule time for processing.( i.e 12.00 reservation, show up no later than 11:30)

Please plan accordingly. Many times you can encounter traffic during summer months. If you or your group is late it is very possible that you will lose your slot and allotted time frame and be charged $100.00 per person, late cancellation /no show fee. This policy has absolutely no exceptions!

Cancellation policies / deposit policy:

Now that you made your reservation we will hold your valid credit card number. We do not charge anything at this point. (Most skydiving centers will charge your account at the time you place your reservation $50 to $100 per person) We do not; however…Do understand the following:

We require at least a 48 hour notice to cancel a reservation or to delete someone in your group. Groups of 6 or more we require at least a one week notice. If you cancel or delete anyone after these times there would be a charge of $100.00 per person for a late cancellation fee.

Weather Issues:

BSC will determine if there are any weather constraints the day of your jump. BSC will almost never cancel reservations before the day of your jump. The fact is the weather forecasts are inaccurate most of the time. If you are in question of the weather the day of your jump please call us before you leave your house. Do not “just not” show up thinking the weather may be bad here. If we jump that day you will be charged a $100.00 per person no show fee If we determine that we cannot jump due to weather problems there would be no charge. Weather changes hour by hour in New England. If we determine the weather could possibility clear you have the option to come out at your scheduled time and wait. When and if it does clear we would jump people in order of reservation. We cannot have you come out at a later time on that day, most likely were booked all day.

Early reservation vs late day reservations:

Early reservations jump first. Later reservations jump last. Keep this in mind when booking incase there are delay due to weather issues i.e. fog, wind, overcast and rain. A major weather delay can bump later reservations off of the day’s jump log. We try our best to jump you at your scheduled time, if the weather is bad at your scheduled time you may be rescheduled.

Weight limits:

BSC has a weight limit of 230 pounds. Keep in mind this is a physical activity and may be stressful at times.

However if one has an excessive weight to height ratio we reserve the right to refuse services. If you show up over these limits you may be refused service and be charged a $100.00 late cancellation fee.

Age minimum/ maximum:

BSC has a minimum age of 18 (no exceptions) There are no maximum age limits; however we handle that on an individual basis. Please keep in mind this can be a strenuous activity. Please call for more details.

Expected duration/ delays:

BSC is a very efficient skydiving center. Miles ahead of others. Two people will be here for one and a half hours or less from schedule time. Ten people will be here for about three and a half hours from schedule time. However do understand weather is uncontrollable and these times can vary. Please allow an ample window of time for your skydive.

Payment/ group/ student discount:

BSC accepts MC, Visa. Discover, or cash, (no checks). Any student or group rates are based on a cash sale only. Please refer to our pricing policy page for current rates.


Dress comfortable. Sneakers or tennis shoes are preferable. No flip flops. We do have jump suits you could ware over your cloths.


BSC has a spectator area at the edge of the landing area. Bring as many people as you want.

Unattended Children:

Due to the natural environment of an airport where there are ADULT skydiving activities, you will see active taxiways with moving aircraft equipped with spinning propellers, along with skydivers landing and many other aeronautical activities. We ask that all children be under direct supervision of an adult. We define direct supervision by holding their hand 100% of the time while on airport property. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Our primary concern is that everyone stays safe at Boston Skydive Center. We regret to say if this policy is not followed, you will be asked to leave the property and all deposits will be forfeited.


Many people ask us what is the protocol for tipping in the skydiving industry. If you feel compelled to do so, our staff will greatly appreciate it. However, it is not expected. BSC will have a comment and or tip box available for you.

Thank you for your time to read these policies and pass them on to your friends.

Boston Skydive Center